Office Chairs

Office chairs you say? Well we have them all :)

  • Managerial chairs
  • Basic typist and operator chairs
  • Boardroom and visitor chairs without wheels.
  • Leather chairs for the executive touch
  • Taller chairs like draughtsman or bar height versions
  • Ergonomic chairs for sore backs and adjustable lumber support
  • Student chairs with writing tablets
  • Casual cafe chairs

We are happy to do 1 chair or 100 office chairs. No job is too small or inconvenient. Here is a good link for you to follow on how to set up your office desk for good ergonomic posture: We can meet at the factory and you are welcome to try out samples and choice fabrics until your heart is content. HEAVY DUTY VERSIONS OF ALL OFFICE, EXECUTIVE, AND INDUSTRIAL OFFICE CHAIRS ARE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.

Ergonomic chairs for sore back with headrest adjustable arms

Chairs for sore backs

These chairs have adjustable lumber support systems for getting it just right!

Basic reception and typist office chairs

Basic office chairs

Office Swivel Chairs: Typist, Secretary and call center

High quality adjustable ergonomic office chair

Designer office chairs

Chairs that are built for comfort and ergonomics

Boardroom and meeting chairs in Cape Town

Visitors Chairs

Visitors chairs and Waiting room chairs

Executive meeting chairs leather chrome

Executive and Boardroom Chairs

Executive and Boardroom Chairs

Draughtsman height chairs in Cape Town

Draughtsman Chairs

Draughtsman High Swivel Chairs

student chair with writing tablet

Student Chairs

Student chairs with the option of a writing tablet.

carpet protector mat

Carpet and floor protectors

Plastics mat to protect your carpet from damage.